Bricks & Mortar or 24/7. Retail never rests.

Our team knows the right mix your retail marketing needs to move the needle and increase sales. But our retail advertising expertise doesn’t end there. We can also improve sales campaigns through social, mobile and print advertising in ways you may never have thought possible. After all, retail is detail.

An OmniChannel Strategy

Customers are shopping everywhere. Whether you are connecting with customers face-to-face, in-store or online, your clients expect a smooth experience every single time.  In fact, a study conducted by Google, Ipsos Media CT and Sterling Brands concludes that the relationship between digital and in-store shopping is interconnected.

Contrary to those who feel that digital is meant to drive customers away from stores to an eCommerce site; Digital is playing an important role in driving traffic to the store and keep them in the store. 75% of customers are likely to visit a store if they find the local search results helpful.

Once in store, 42% of shoppers tend to search on-line – nearly half of those searches are browsing the retailer’s online store. This presents a powerful opportunity for retailers to connect with consumers and providing the same level of information to close the sale.

Retail Marketing – your campaign for success

As digital is touching every step of customer’s journey, modern retailers are taking note.  A successful retail marketing strategy requires these important elements.

Consistent branding online and in-store
Follow-up reviews and customer satisfaction surveys

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