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Healthcare marketing – vital stats

Used to be that when people needed medical advise they called their doctor’s office. But according to a recent study that behaviour has changed, as 80% of internet users have looked online to get answers.

Health practitioners have kept pace with this shift in behaviour. A 2013 study by Epocrates reports 86% of clinicians used smartphones in their daily office activities – an increase of 8% from the previous year. And, 53% of clinicians used tablets at work in 2013, up from 34% in 2012.

Whether you’re targeting patients or physicians, healthcare marketing needs a daily, strong dose of digital marketing for individual health practitioners, medical practices, hospitals, insurance providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers.


Healthcare marketing – your prescription for success.

If these studies are any indication, healthcare industry is going through a rapid shift on both sides of the equation. A successful healthcare marketing strategy requires these important elements:

Responsive website

Search Engine Optimization

Content & Email Marketing

Reputation Management (Social Media Marketing)



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