Strategy + Execution = Marketing 101

Private schools, post-secondary institutions and career colleges all have the same goals – to attract qualified students who will turn into future ambassadors. Education marketing has shifted online yet still relies on traditional media such as print and radio. While other marketing agencies are just learning their ABC’s, we have gained experience working with national and local education centres.

Education marketing – a quest for knowledge

Today’s college-bound students were born and raised in the digital space. It’s no wonder that their search for post secondary school begins online and conducted across several channels. 9 out of 10 enrolled students declared that they researched higher education institutions online.

The online search for higher education is long and non-linear, compared to consumer product purchase decisions. Education marketers are applying the same intelligence known as buyer persona and buyer journey to student persona; they are also taking their marketing across multiple devices

The digital experience has also changed the way education is delivered, with 32% of higher education students in the US are taking at least one course online.


Education Marketing – A lesson in Integrated Studies

The key for post-secondary schools and learning colleges to attract qualified students is by focusing on a variety of strategies, including:

Inbound Marketing Strategy

SEO and PPC ads

Video marketing

Responsive website

Making the Grade using Social Media

Social Media is an essential part of marketing to prospect students, but also staying in touch with current students, parents and faculty. It’s no wonder then a recent university survey found 98% of colleges have some presence on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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